Access Care Anywhere joins

Oregon Public Health Equity Grantees!

What are we doing to advance public health equity?

Through funding from the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Equity Grant, our initial work will focus primarily on reducing the spread of syphilis and preventing congenital syphilis as well as addressing HPV in Clackamas County. Our goal is to develop a sexual health and wellness program to support STI prevention and promote access to sexual health information, education, and equitable care.

We invite anyone interested in these efforts and are specifically seeking to partner with community-based organizations serving our priority populations, which include people who identify as Black/African American, people with disabilities, and people who live in rural communities.

Planning efforts will take place throughout the summer of 2024 to create opportunities for collaboration and shared decision-making with our community and public health partners.

To learn more or collaborate, please reach out to us at

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